Hidden Facts About How Building Designs Affects Human Psychology

Building Designs

The statement once said by Winston Churchill would prove to be so true we had never thought. Neuroscientists and psychologists today have found evidence confirming the fact that our house architecture and our office building designs influence our moods and behaviors. However, the fact is still new to many.

However, in this world of neuroarchitecture were more population has flocked towards the urban area. The fact that building affects human moods cannot be ignored. This is also because having knowledge about which geometrical pattern creates positive mood change and which depresses men can revolutionize the world of construction. Interestingly, enabling us to motivate our workers by stress-relieving and positive attitude stimulating architecture. For example, as quoted by BBC, research tells that” special cells in the hippocampal region of the brain are attuned by geometry and the arrangement of space we inhabit”. (Building Designs)

While on the other hand building design can also instigate negativity among humans. Therefore, increasing crime rate and non-tolerant attitude towards each other. For example the story of the Pruitt-Igoe housing complex constructed in 1950. These 33 featureless apartment blocks were accused of being responsible for the World Trade Center incident. Moreover, afterward, the apartment became notorious for crimes and social dysfunction. Critics argued here that the design of the building i.e. wide open spaces between the apartment blocks and modernist high-rises discouraged a sense of community. Therefore, a reason behind the rising crime rate, robbery, and murders. These buildings were later demolished in 1972

Positive Prospects Of These Facts

The positive aspects of considering this connection between the human mind and building designs can be used in the following way

  • Doctors can design hospital wards to increase the morale of patients with severe conditions
  • Parents can use it to encourage creativity and passion in their children
  • Schools can architect classes to stimulate innovation and tolerance in their behavior
  • Employers can apply it to create a conducive environment in their offices.

Why Do We Need To Focus On Best Building Designs?

The negative aspects of neuroarchitecture can keep increasing. If we don’t pay heed to it may include increased crime rate, and incidents based on prejudices, and non-tolerance. Isolated society group and chaos. The two aspects of building designs demand through research and connected studies of architects with human cognitive behavior. The lack of behavioral insight behind all the modern building structures leaves us at loss, secretly affecting our behaviors and reactions towards society.

Indeed, as the article highlights, human minds have a special connection with the geometrical designing and building of our houses, offices, and commercial places. Therefore, highlighting the importance of hiring expert building designers like the best building designers in Melbourne that could provide innovation and unique facades for our buildings. Indeed, the need for the hour is a design that could impact human cognitive behavior positively. Allowing the world of construction to contribute to constructive psychology and community wellbeing.

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