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Douyin Hong Kong released Notice of Adjusting Frequency of Douyin Shopping Cart. The notice announced that since January 2020. The frequency of releasing Douyin videos with a shopping cart has been adjusted.

Accounts with less than 1,000 followers are limited to 1 video with a shopping cart per week. The accounts with 1000-3000 followers are limited to 2 videos per day. Accounts with 3000-10000 followers are restricted to  5 videos per day for accounts with 10,000 or more followers. A limit of 10 videos per day is restricted.

Previously, after clicking the shopping cart in Douyin video. The user would directly enter the Product Details Page and can buy directly, but now the jump page has been changed. 

Shopping Cart

Suggestion Products

In the new landing page, consumers can find more videos related to the introductions or suggestions about this product. Compared with the previous jump page, the new one can provide consumers with more comprehensive information. Which can help them in the decision-making process. 

The last adjustment of the shopping page was to improve the user’s shopping experience, to help consumers make their purchase decisions and final purchase activities more smoothly.

Before the adjustment, there were no restrictions about the releasing frequency to all accounts. Many accounts would send dozens or even hundreds of videos a day, seriously worsening the whole content ecology.

Ecology of e-commerce

Judging from this adjustment, it can be seen that Douyin is adjusting the ecology of e-commerce and content, restricting accounts for commercial purpose, and trying to guarantee the quality of video content.

According to 36kr, this adjustment reflects the adjustment of the overall business model of Douyin. Initially, to become a commercial account, an account must have at least 8,000 followers.

After the adjustment, accounts with less than 1,000 followers can also be commercialized. Based on this situation, the number of videos that can be published per account per day is limited now.

But at those commercial accounts with the purpose of selling products. The ultimate goal is to ensure the quality of user experience and platform content ecology.

Chinese Shopping Platform

Nowadays, Douyin has become the largest short video platform in China. As of January 5, 2020, the number of active users has exceeded 400 million.

Even if it has been online for more than three years, it has maintained a notable growth rate. It is the fastest-growing product of China Mobile Internet after WeChat.

The first step in setting up an e-commerce system in Douyin is, of course, creating a brand official account.

Advertising Platform

The second important step is posting a video. Whether you choose a professional video to advertise a product or create a video or make a video with a link or a user can create a video close to the audience or not to identify yourself against the account.

For example, like a Xiaomi brand who made up an amateur type video and decided to engage with followers and use their content to feed to the company’s account page.

This system is based on transactions with the Alibaba group that holds the Taobao and small platforms. Users can link products to their Taobao store using links in the video.

The products are very diverse, but the most popular are definitely fashion or fashion-related products. Products can be easily found with an in-depth profile using each link. The most common way that KOL sells products is a link to their Taobao stores.

However, Douyin has its own trading platform and can be purchased directly within the application without leaving the application.

Douyin plays a lot of roles to attract attention to younger generations who like to empathize with these personalities. This app has a contract with the most influential Asian characters. Brands that want to use Douyin’s marketing content allow them to play with their influence.

Like other social networks, there is a cool Kool in Douyin. Therefore, it is very important to establish a KOL strategy for a brand that wants to increase its recognition.

KOL has a powerful community and provides advice and more reliable reviews for viewers. In addition, since most KOLs work on different social networks and create different communities.

You can switch between campaigns to increase the awareness of other social networks by operating campaigns in Douyin.

Xiaohongshu joining the e-commerce space

Xiaohongshu said. They would add live streaming functions into its notes (UGC and PGC content). and created interactive functions and incentive mechanisms like giving red envelopes to lead high user engagement. This means users can shop directly through Xiaohongshu’s recommended content. In addition,

At the end of November. Pinduoduo was revealed to be developing a Live streaming business. It has started to test its new purchase channels on the WeChat app. Users can invite friends to watch Live streaming together, and each of them can get a discount coupon after 3 people are in a group. Besides,

Small Shopping Platform

Kwai entered into the short video industry earlier. In June 2018, it launched the Kwai Small Shop and cooperated with platforms such as Taobao and Youzan.

Anchors can add product information in short videos and Live streaming to guide fans to enter the shopping page. Users now can directly complete the shopping process in Kwai’s APP without jumping into any third-party platform.

The anchor Wawa. Who owns a clothing store, once revealed that she could earn about 200 thousand yuan when she was not doing Live Streaming, while she could gain over 1 million during a Live Streaming, and the repurchase rate of her fans could reach 75%. 

For all video platforms, the most emerging challenge of commercialization is how to ensure user experience and content quality while taking advantage of trends, such as Live streaming, to make profits. 

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