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5 Major Signs You Have Roof Problems

Are you seeing the warning signs that you may have serious roof problems? To protect both your property and your family, make sure you know what to look out for if your roof may be in trouble.

In the worst cases, these warning signs can alert to hazardous conditions. But at the very least, these indicators of roof damage can alert us to the need for serious maintenance.

You don’t need to be a roofer or construction expert to spot the signs of an unhealthy roof. Keep reading to discover the top signs that your roof has problems and what you can do to fix them here.

  1. Leaks

Any sign of water appearing in an attic, ceiling, or wall indicates a roof problem. As the most exposed part of our houses, the roof is constantly exposed to the elements. From high winds and large amounts of snow and rain to extreme temperatures. These elements can wreak havoc on some roofs.

When a roof becomes damaged, the first penetration point will often be the attic. When a leak is found in any area of the house. It’s a sign of a problem with the roof and should be addressed immediately.

  1. Sagging or Buckling

Sagging or buckling is a major sign of roof problems and should not be taken lightly. These signs indicate that the roof’s structure has weakened, and a greater risk of water pooling can lead to more serious damage.

When the roof’s weight becomes too much for it to bear. It may start to sag or buckle in an unsightly fashion and can be extremely hazardous if left unchecked. You must call roofers as soon as possible to assess and repair the roof and determine the extent of the damage.

There are far more benefits of professional roofing you can expect in this case. Sagging and buckling are signs you can’t fix yourself.

  1. Missing or Damaged Shingles (Roof Problems)

Missing or damaged shingles are a major sign that you may have roof problems. Various things, such as weathering, improper installation, pest damage, or age, can cause this.

If a significant portion of your shingles is missing or damaged. It can be a sign that you need to start repairing roof shingles with a roofing company. Getting it checked out as soon as possible is important because a single missing shingle can lead to more damage if not addressed.

  1. Granules in the Gutters

Granules, also known as roofing granules or roofing gravel, are small pieces of hard material embedded in the roofing shingles. When they start to come off, they are a sure sign of wear and tear on the roof. This can happen due to weather, age, or even product defects.

  1. High Energy Bills

When your roof is damaged or not installed correctly. It can create drafts and air leaks, which, over time, can make your entire structure less energy efficient. Small holes or gaps can cause internal temperatures to rise or fall. You will force your HVAC system to work harder to keep the desired temperature throughout your building – resulting in higher energy bills.

Address These Roof Problems ASAP

To summarize, there are various major signs that your roof may be suffering from problems or damage. From leaks to high energy bills to unsteady structures or missing shingles. All of these roof problems should be inspected and dealt with quickly.

Contact your local roofing professionals today for reliable, comprehensive roof repairs, inspection, and maintenance services.

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